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First SNF Mega Rule Tools Now Available

First SNF Mega Rule Tools & Resources:
  Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation,
and Misappropriation of Property - Now Available!

LeadingAge and the LeadingAge state affiliates (including LeadingAge Ohio) are working in conjunction with Pathway Health to provide tools to help members navigate through the Requirements of Participation for Phase I of the new Mega Rule.
The policies and tools, which will be available from the LeadingAge Ohio member/subscriber restricted website, have been designed for national distribution and comply with the CMS Mega Rule. By February 17, LeadingAge Ohio will begin posting updates to these tools and resources that are Ohio-specific and incorporate language consistent with Ohio rules, regulations, and requirements.
The first of these tools, relating to Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, and Misappropriation of Property, are now available on the LeadingAge Ohio website under the Member Resources tab under Regulatory.  The tools now available include:

  • Abuse RoP Checklist
  • Abuse Policy
  • Abuse Training Plan
  • Abuse Prevention Education for Leadership (PowerPoint with speaker's notes)
  • Freedom from Abuse Education for Direct Care Givers (PowerPoint with speakers notes)
  • Quiz for Abuse Education
  • Answer Key – Quiz for Abuse

Other national tools that will be posted to the website over the next few weeks will include:
483.10 Resident Rights

  • Grievance Policy/Appointment of Grievance Officer
  • Visitation Rights
  • Notification of Clinician

483.15  Admissions, Transfers and Discharge Rights

  • Admissions
  • Bed Hold & Return
  • Discharge Summary
  • Room Change Policy
  • Transfer Process

483.20 Resident Assessment

  • Expanded Assessment Areas
  • Resident Mood & Behavior
  • DC Planning desire and capabilites assessment

483.21 Comprehensive Resident Centered Care Plans

  • Expanded requirements for DC Care Plan

483.25 Quality of Care and Quality of Life

  • Bed Rail Assessment
  • CPR
  • Advanced Directives

483.35 Nursing Services

  • Building competency evaluations

483.45 Pharmacy Services

  • Pharmacy Consultant Expectations  
  • Drug Regime Review

483.55 Dental Services

  • Dentures

483.60 Food and Nutrition

  • Use and Storage of Food & Beverage brought in for residents    

    483.90 Physical Environment

    • Bed Inspection Policy  

Again, Ohio-specific versions of these tools (as appropriate) will be posted to the website beginning February 17, 2017.  Additional resources related to the Mega Rule are available on the LeadingAge Ohio  website, under the Member Resources/Toolkits Tab.

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