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Infection Control Tops Survey Trends

Infection Control continues to be a top cited area with the new Long-Term Care Survey Process. LeadingAge Ohio is monitoring citations since phase 2 of the new Requirements of Participation and the new Long Term Care Survey Process took effect on 11/28/17. Examples of infection control citations include: catheter bag lying on the floor, absence of hand washing before or after medication administration, not changing gloves or cleansing hands between cleansing wound and applying treatment, failure  to disinfect blood glucose monitor in between residents, linens transported down halls without being covered, individual toilet brush was not dedicated to each isolation room, medication administration contamination practices such as touching medications with bare hands, not washing hands during incontinence care, and delivering trays after touching dirty tissue.

LeadingAge Ohio staff continues to closely monitor survey trends to ensure members are up to date on the latest “hot” areas to target improvement efforts. Questions about this or other regulatory issues may be directed to Stephanie DeWees at

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