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Affordable Housing Needs Your Support Now

Congress is currently negotiating the differences between House and Senate versions of the fiscal year 2019 HUD appropriations bill, which will determine how much funding will be available next year for affordable housing. Representatives and Senators need to hear from advocates now on the need to expand and fully preserve affordable housing for older adults.

LeadingAge Ohio members are encouraged to engage staff and residents to:

  1. Dial this toll-free number: 844-326-5901.
  2. Use the sample script below when you talk to the staff person who answers the phone.
  3. After talking with the staff person, do not hang up. Allow the staff person to hang up, and the automated system will then connect you to your next lawmaker.

Sample Script

Hi! I am a constituent of Senator/Representative XXX and I am calling to ask them to protect senior housing! I urge them to:

  • Expand funding for new Section 202 Housing for the Elderly homes ($600M additional funds).
  • Fully fund the preservation of HUD-assisted Section 8 ($12.2B requested) and Project Rental Assistance Contracts ($632M requested).
  • Expand funding to place Service Coordinators at 500 Section 202 communities that currently do not have them ($30M increase).
  • Fully fund existing Service Coordinator renewals ($90M request).
  • Continue to reject the Administration’s rent reform proposals that could harm older adults. (LeadingAge)

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